Hi, Bel here!

It is with great sadness, that I announce the following news. Nat and I have decided to close down our blog, Twice the Mum.

While we have both loved our time blogging (since April 2014), we are now just finding our lives too busy to fit in the blog. Nat is working full time and the spare time she wants to spend with her partner and children. For me, I blog full-time over at anyway, plus I’m trying to get my new business Closet Geek off the ground.

While I’m sure the blog will sit here for a little while longer (I want to save some of the posts so they aren’t lost into the nether), we won’t be posting any longer. Nat may Guest Post over at my blog however and we will hopefully keep out “From Page to Screen”  feature, just over on my blog instead.

We’ve loved meeting you all and thanks for reading!

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Bingo: A great way relaxation in the course of life

We all need to figure out a few things and set it right before the clock starts ticking too fast. It has become a necessity for all the women to receive a stature of equality in the society. All are emerging stronger than before and are successfully paving their way to become worthy individuals in this world.

In today’s world, they have their own set of rules and preferences. Here, we have a few traits that aspiring female individuals aim to have:

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-They undoubtedly prefer to direct their own lives. Their experience seems to be their reliable guide in life. They prefer to harness their skills and work accordingly towards their self-set pattern of life.

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So, this is for all the precious ladies who love playing online bingo games along with leading a carefree and independent life!

Online Bingo- A game for everyone

People play all kinds of games online and there are a multitude of games to choose from. But the biggest advantage of playing bingo online is that it doesn’t require your constant attention. You can several other things either on or off the site. Whether you want to try your luck in a few of the casino games or just want to chat with other payers online. The choice is yours.

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The game gives you just the right amount of entertainment and all you need is a few pennies and a bit of luck. Be it for leisure or just something you do as a hobby, the game keeps you engaged and entertained.

Each and every site has an unique theme of their own with games and promotions that may or may not differ depending on the network and software that they belong to. There are many benefits that a player can get out of playing on an online bingo site and it isn’t until you experience it that you would believe it.

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Whichever site you may choose, remember online bingo is a game of fun and entertainment more than anything else.

In the Night Garden Live

My sister Amber bought Harry tickets to go see In the Night Garden Live for his birthday, although his birthday was in June we decided to go in August and what a day it was. On Friday after work I traveled to Cheshire from Lincolnshire, which takes about 2 and a half hours but it was the evening so the kids slept. I can’t say I am keen on taking them at bed time because they don’t settle when I get to my Mums. Once we got there we had a drink, a snack and then it was time for bed.

Saturday we woke early so we got ready then it was a waiting game, my other sister Carrie was looking after Josh for the day with Amber’s partner’s little girl so Carrie collected Josh around 9ish. Then Harry waited impatiently for Amber and her partner, he actually waited at the window shouting their names every so often, finally they arrived and Harry pretended to be shy.


It was time to go, so we headed off in my car to the Trafford Centre which took us about 45-50 minutes so Harry had a nap. Once we had parked, we got Harry’s pram out since it was very busy and he was still sleepy. He clung to his Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy as we headed in to find somewhere to eat. We picked TGI Fridays, the service was lovely and the food tasted good but it would have been nice if it was hot and not lukewarm. We didn’t have time to moan about it so we ate the food which Harry truly enjoyed.

wpid-20150803080754.jpg wpid-20150803080821.jpg

After lunch we headed to the Show Dome (it looks like a blow up Igloo), we parked the buggy and headed inside. Harry was starting to get excited, he really like the entrance of colourful lights. We sat down and waited, Harry now couldn’t contain his excitement and was pointing at everything. He wanted to know what everything was and could point at the characters to tell you who they were.

wpid-20150803080850.jpg wpid-20150803080906.jpg

When the show started Harry sat down in awe, he shouted to join in and was telling me a right story about it! The show was good, although incredibly boring for myself but my enjoyment was watching Harry’s reactions. What I found ridiculous was the other parents, they were pretty much screaming as the characters came on stage, I understand getting the kids involved but seriously. Harry loved it, he knackered himself out by the end of it and fell asleep on the way home too.

wpid-20150803080928.jpg wpid-20150803080919.jpg

Have you ever seen In the Night Garden Live? 


Twice the Mum, Half the Size – July

**Originally I wrote this post ready for Wednesday as Nat and I had decided to cover our “extra” Wednesday this month, with the TTM/HTS post that we missed earlier in the month. However Nat still isn’t ready to write her TTM/HTS post and I’ve decided instead to just post my own story for my Friday post this week.**

This month, Nat and I actually decided to skip over our Twice the Mum, Half the Size post. Three weeks ago, when the post was actually due, we were both feeling pretty rubbish about our weight. Neither of us wanted to come and confess how badly we’ve been doing. However when we realised there was an extra week this month, which we would need to fill with something, we decided it was best to just fill it with our Twice the Mum, Half the Size post after all.


I have had such a rocky time since getting back from Florida in April. I was so thrilled to have only put on a few pounds, knowing that I’d pretty much eaten everything I wanted to on holiday. However I also did a lot of walking every day, around various themeparks, so it made sense that it had pretty much balanced off. Since coming home however, I lost all motivation. I had no occasion (that I cared about) to look good in photos for, I still wanted to lose weight but I was also feeling a bit miserable at everyday life.

Bit by bit, I piled the weight back on. We were eating far too many takeaways again (which was costing money I didn’t really have) and was definitely all the wrong foods. The day that our TTM/HTS post was due, I stepped on the scales to find I’d hit 12 stone (I’d reached 11 just before Florida and was 11 st 5 lb on return). I wanted to cry. I felt miserable about it all day, till finally I gave myself a shake and said enough is enough.

From that moment onwards, I tracked everything I ate and was much more careful. Every morning I got on the scales to find I had lost either 1/4 pound or 1/2 pound. Bit by bit the weight was coming off and this motivated me to try harder.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have had the odd bad day here and there. I’ve shared a couple of bottles of wine with friends, I’ve eaten out twice with the kids, I’ve had ONE takeaway. However each one I was careful of what I picked, I behaved with everything else I ate that day to balance it off and I faced the facts the scales would show a gain or a stay the same. Now today, I can stand on the scales and say that in the last couple of weeks I have successfully lost 4lb and will continue to lose a lot more (I hope!).

My last weigh-in was: 12 stone
and this week I’m: 11 stone and 9lb

The Dreaded M.O.T

Today my car failed it’s M.O.T. I love my car but at the same time I hate it. I have had so many problems with it and it’s cost me more than it’s worth. I don’t know the cost of my M.O.T. yet and I am dreading hearing it. I’ve struggled a lot this week which I am sure I will discuss at a later date but right now I’m not ready to. The car failed miserably to my partners words and something along the lines of the emissions being 20 times higher than it should be.

All of this made me think of the cars I’ve had in the past and how I have hated them. The first car wasn’t mine it was Tom’s but when I passed my driving test I was insured on Tom’s car. It was a Peugeot 105 (I think). It had 3 doors which I hated, it was squarish which I hated and it always needed something new doing to it. It cost a lot more than it’s worth and I was sick of it.

Then Tom’s Auntie no longer needed her car so she gave it to us. It was a lovely red KA and I did love it at first. I loved the shape, but it was noisy and what my Mum called tinny. Then things started to go wrong with it and my hate for it started to pour in. Again it was a 3 door, which was a pain in itself and the boot was tiny. When I fell pregnant with Harry, we realised we couldn’t fit a pram in the boot but the expensive of a new car was just not possible. So the KA gave up on us a few weeks later and that brings us to the car we have now.

Our lovely Ford Focus. I did honestly love it and it drives like a dream. It just has so many problems that I wonder if it’s worth keeping. It hasn’t put me off the Ford Focus, it’s just so easy and big! It’s a 5 door and I would never go back down to a 3, it’s lovely and roomy. It’s a perfect family car but mine is just broken. Well keep your fingers crossed for me that the car doesn’t cost me too much.

*The pictures of the cars are not mine for safety purposes*

Do you dread M.O.Ts? 


Plans for Summer – Bel

On Monday Nat shared her plans for the summer and I thought it would be nice if I did the same with my post this week. As of Wednesday, the girls broke up from school so that meant out obligatory trip to Pizza Hut after school on the last day (its sort of a tradition now) and Megan getting her ears pierced yesterday. However we do have plans (if only a few right now) for our Summer so I thought I’d let you in on them.

Last weekend, Lily came home with a ‘serious’ summer homework sheet. It has some really great ideas of things to do, even though the concept of the homework is really just to live your life and enjoy your holiday.

Even though Lily doesn’t really need to do the list, we’ve decided we’re actually going to try and give it a go, ticking them as we go along. Some are really easy to accomplish, like walking on sand, through fields or over hills as we’re likely to do that anyway. Also SPLASH, dance like no-ones watching and build an epic den. Others will take a little more effort or will require just remembering to do. I can’t wait to go wild in the rain and stay up with the girls to see a sunset.

As well as these, we made a summer holidays calendar over the last weekend. It features all the days the girls are off school, with our current plans marked on already. The girls have also marked the days they are likely to be with their dad, so we know not to make plans for those days. Alongside that, we made a little list of things we’d like to accomplish. It’s not necessarily complete and we can add to it as we go along, but it’s a starting place.

At the moment, the first week is looking pretty busy. Amy and Olivia arrive today and we’re all going to see Inside Out together. The girls are also going to their dad’s today, to stay overnight but they will be back in time for the cinema tomorrow. After that they’ll be back with their dad in a few days time, for a few more days and hopefully after that it will quieten down.

Top of the girls list of things to do, is launch their new YouTube channel “Double the Geek”. They also want to go swimming, have a sleepover with a friend and Megan wants to start on writing a book. For me, the top aim is to launch my Closet Geek site and also get loads of sewing/stock done. I also can’t wait for SFCC.

We plan to go camping, have days out, catch a bus/train somewhere, visit the beach/amusement arcade and maybe even head to London for the day. We also want to do the Baron trail around Lincoln which we discovered the other day. I’m sure whatever we end up doing, I’ll update you all about it! I can’t wait to enjoy Summer holidays with (and without) the kids!


We Love Wednesday – July

wlwIt’s that time of the month again when we look back and tell you everything we’ve loved this month! I can’t believe how fast July has gone by though!


Sewing – This is one of the main things I’ve been doing this month. I’ve made three dresses for my two girls and Amy’s daughter Olivia, a Pinocchio inspired dress and also a Briar Rose costume. I had my sewing machine serviced at the beginning of the month and it’s just given me a whole new lease of life when it comes to sewing!

The Fault in Our Stars – Nat and I covered this book/movie as July’s read/watch and while I’d read the book way before, I hadn’t seen the movie till the start of this month. I thoroughly enjoyed it and strangely enough I’d even consider watching it again, even this soon! I’ve been looking to buy another John Green book and Paper Towns is looking like a good pick so far.

Attending everything at school – This time last year I remember being stressed to my eyeballs about everything that was going on in this last term of school and how much I couldn’t actually get to. However I’ve managed to go to Sports Day, two Shine assemblies, a church service and loads more. It’s been great.

Sunny days (sometimes) – We haven’t had much but we have at least had some whole days of sun and other partial ones. It’s certainly no Florida but it’s keeping me cheery and for that I’m definitely thankful.

Jacket Potatoes – I re-discovered my love of jacket potatoes this month and I’m averaging 4-5 a week! They are part of my new health kick but since I absolutely love them, it doesn’t feel like dieting. My main preference for filling has been coleslaw but I do love cheese and even tuno mayo with cucumber.

As well as these things, I have to give a mention to the awesome Sarah Fine books I’ve been reading. I previously reviewed Marked and Claimed on my own blog, but since then I’ve been reading Sanctum, Fractured and Chaos – her young adult series. I’ve nearly finished the third books and I’ve absolutely loved the series as a whole. Also planning for the future, especially holidays, has been much needed. I have a Paris trip for definite and hopefully a London one too. It’s summer holidays soon as well so I’m sure that will bring days away!


I found this month really difficult to say what I have enjoyed, I am having a tough time at the moment and really all I want to do is curl up in a ball with a duvet.

Work – This is totally crazy but work has kept me sane, I go to work, I keep busy and I am really enjoying it. I enjoy learning about new aspects of the job and I get to go out to do activities I have never done before – like sailing!

End of School – I am so pleased school has finished now, no more rushing to get Josh to school and wondering if he has everything. No more weekly homework (except the one thing we have to do over summer which is easy). Plus the kids get tired so they can relax and chill.

Planning Summer – I wrote about what my plans were for the Summer on Monday, I am really looking forward to spending the time with my kids, family and friends. Hopefully it will help me with getting out of a rut.

I apologise it is short and sweet, July has been a slow month for me and my head is not right at the moment, I hope you are all having a better time than myself.

Plans for Summer – Nat

My kids break up for their Summer Holidays on Wednesday (I know some have already broken up!) and I can tell it’s needed. Josh has been getting cranky and he gets over sensitive. I am really looking forward to it, I get two weeks in total with then and I already have some plans.

The last day of July, I am heading over to Mums because on the Saturday Harry has a birthday present to see! We are going to see In the Night Garden Live with my sister and her partner. Josh will be spending the day with my other sister or my Mum (Either one and he won’t mind – he gets spoilt!). As much as I am not looking forward to ITNGL, I know Harry will love it – it calms him down.

The kids will then be with family or our childminder until I get my whole first week off on the 10th on wards. That week I will be spending at my Mums, I am always busy when I go there, seeing family and friends. I also want to go to Snugburys especially after a visit to Blytons (I now can’t tell which is better!). My Mum suggested going to Chester Zoo since Josh loves it and Harry has never been but again I reckon he would love it.

The week after I am back at work but Tom is off with the kids so he will more than likely do all the in house stuff. So playing games, paddling pool (weather dependent), homework and maybe even a trip to the park!

Then it’s back to me, I have another week off which will be nice to spend time with the kids and not be too busy. This week I would like to visit some friends around Lincolnshire if possible and even a trip to the cinema would be nice. I know Josh has a birthday party to attend this week so that will be fun since it’s at Playzone. I will pay for Harry to go since I am already there and I know he would love it! With all those plans I will still need to fit in school uniform and shoe shopping.

What are your plans for the Summer Holidays? 


Good Lookin Cookin

In the past few weeks we have been working hard on Joshua’s eating, recently he has been coming home with a full lunch box and only one or two bites out of his sandwich. His eating has and most likely always be a worry for me.

He had his tonsil out to help with his eating, the doctors thought this was a reason to why he was not eating and underweight. At first his eating improved for some time but then went downhill again. In all honesty I have no clue what is causing it but it worries me when he comes out with “I look fat in that coat” and “I can’t eat chocolate because I will get fat”.

          Before the Op

Then his teacher came up with trying hot school meals, we consider it before but with how “fussy” Josh is, we thought he wouldn’t go for it. His teacher approached him with this idea and he went for it. I was so surprised, she suggested we packed him a lunch box as well (just in case) and ordered his lunches.

Our school does the lunches on a website called Good Lookin Cookin, it is really easy to use and it gives you the menu for the whole term. For example I know that Joshua is having Lasagne on Wednesday, BBQ chicken on Thursday and Fish poppers on Friday. I do prompt Josh to tell me what he has and the dinner ladies (Sorry Midday Supervisors!) are keeping an eye on him and his eating. So far Josh has eaten most of his hot meals and tried new foods!

Have your kids tried school meals?